Building CMS websites on top of LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) servers is easy but becomes a maintenance burden with time. You have to constantly backup, update, restore, fix with security patches for each of the services and plug-ins (remember Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla migrations anyone?).

The load of adding plug-ins, features, rules, injection preventions, replication and re-creating pages on the fly by querying the database requires always growing servers, which is not financially wise nor friendly for the environment.

If you take the road of “one-shot-development + in-house-content-creation”, you might be happy for a few years, despite ignoring security issues, but feel your website is outdating fast and user needs are evolving faster. You end up with content you need to migrate to a completely different platform.

We’ve built multiple websites this way since 1996 and like many others, we needed to keep the pace with a complex world, not keeping piling-up features on top of others with the increasing risk of breaking anytime. Around 2012, backend developers started to think strategically and migrate to a new paradigm: client-side websites, and we’re not alone.

Now we build lean, ultra-fast web apps, that live on the client’s phone, tablet, desktop computer with minimal bandwidth updates. As a bonus it is lightly hosted since there’s no need for PHP + MySQL anymore.

It pathed the way to Web Apps, where the whole site content is now an installable app, like any app you installed on your phone or tablet.

We’re currently writing a book to help you switch to lean website and another book to build a Web App.

We’re also developing code transforming content living in the form of linked tables provided in CSV, JSON, XML. It generates pages content based on rules (languages, templates) and is served by Jekyll-like services. Have a look at some bible-topics we developed.

I hope these few keywords and links will help you understand this technical subject.

If you need help migrating your content to this new paradigm and start serve your users with more flexibility, feel free to contact us.